Our Services

We specialize in  the preservation and display of wedding bouquets.  We have been recommended by leading florists in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC areas for over 29 years.  We have a partnership with all the florists that recommend our services, and produce a product that not only satisfies the customer, but also is a positive reflection on those who recommend us.  Our reputation for quality and reasonable prices has allowed us to remain the premier local floral preserving business.

Dried flowers before framing
At A Floral Keepsake, we employ both established and modern drying techniques to ensure long-lasting beauty and long-lasting enjoyment.

Upon request, we do custom arrangements for special occasions and events.  We can provide an arrangement of memorable items inside shadowboxes.

Customer shadow boxes

All our shadow boxes are made in-house and are custom created to match the length and width of the flower bouquet.

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