Floral Preservation

What is Floral Preservation?

Floral preservation is a process that extracts moisture from the flowers, creating dried flowers.  Floral dried flower preservation is an art form that requires a professional's touch and experience.

At A Floral Keepsake, your flowers are carefully handled and cared for while in our possession.  It is important that you refrigerate the flowers until you present them to us for preservation.  Please call in advance or within 2 days following your special event, to arrange a consultation.

Our Process:

  • After the flowers (with all items included, such as ribbon, pearls, etc.) are delivered, they are photographed, measured and delicately separated so each flower and greenery can be precisely timed for the best results during the freeze drying process.
  • The flowers are put into a freeze dryer (a process which extracts water from the flowers).
  • Once the flowers are preserved, they are set and arranged to the original bouquet style and displayed in a custom shadowbox frame.

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